Bob Dietrich is an award-winning producer, director, entrepreneur, and speaker who is dedicated to helping people discover their life’s message and deliver it to the world.

Bob says, “I’ve been involved in public speaking now for over 17 years. During that time, I’ve met hundreds of speakers. Each one had a powerful message, but only a few had the courage to share it.”

He continues, “Their messages have the power to inspire significant and positive change in our world, and I’m committed to helping them accomplish that goal.”

Bob helps people build their speaking business, and transforms their lives into a life they love by delivering a message that makes a difference.


As Bob notes, “It’s important to remember, you can do what you love, and make a great income doing it.”

For over the past 10 years, Bob’s companies have earned over $20,000,000.

“Understanding processes is key”, he says. “A business is like a living organism. When all the internal systems are working well, they will grow and live longer. But if even one of the systems breaks down, the whole system could die.”

With over 30 years in the business world, Bob now helps people change their lives and achieve the independence they have always wanted.

“You’ll like this story. Here’s what happened to me that transformed my life and propelled me out of the rat race.”

“As an accountant, there was a time when I thought I was never going to get out of my corporate job. I thought I’d always be caught in the trap of working at a job, for someone else, building someone else’s dream, and collecting a paycheck every two weeks. (You know how that feels, right?) I believed I was in too deep financially to quit my job and lose my paycheck, so the goal of independence seemed like a pipe dream.

Then things changed in a way I never expected. I was suddenly laid off.! I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember the ride home, alone in my car, yelling at the top of my lungs, with tears rolling down my face. Tears of fear. I had 2 kids to take care of. What was I going to do now?

All that emotion must have awakened something inside me, because during that ride home I realized I was fed up with being an accountant! I was fed up with continuously feeling trapped! And I promised myself never to get another accounting job again. That was one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made, and an agreement I have always kept.

So I did what all successful people do in times of need, I reached out for support. I called and talked to several of my friends. One friend told me about a sales position they’d heard about. It was a commission only sales position with a company that sold website memberships on this new thing called “The Internet”. By the time I arrived home I had my first commission only sales job.!

Looking back on my experience, I realize that by choosing to never go back to another accounting job after being laid off, changed my life forever. Ironically, it was the seemingly negative event of being laid off that was the catalyst for the biggest positive change of my life. That single choice to never go back to an accounting job shot me out of the rat race and put me on the path of independence. life was never the same again…

I feel incredibly grateful to all my friends and family, teachers and trainers, mentors and muses, clients and customers, for helping me realize my gift for helping people access their personal messages and training them to become successful, independent business professionals.”