COACHING is an essential part of making progress in business.  Without a coach, you are left to your own beliefs and habits to create the results you desire.  These are the same beliefs and habits that got you where you are today.  Without a coach, you’ll often have little to no accountability, so your results can be slow, and you may even find that you never actually finish what you started and you give up.

With a COACH, you are able to talk through your goals, and the co-create the steps that will get you there.  You will be encouraged to write down your goals, as well as your agreements to take action, and will report back to your coach on a regular basis to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.  This level of accountability will often push people past what normally would stop them, and help them reach a level of success they have never reached before.

Obviously, you can make more progress, faster, with a coach than you can without one.  So the question often comes down to a value proposition, which is;

Is the money I pay for a COACH worth it?

For some people the question is more specific, like “Is it worth spending the money to get my goals faster?”  And for others the question is “Is it worth the spending the money to get my goals at all?”

Ultimately you’ll have to decide.  Hiring a COACH is an investment in yourself.  Hiring a COACH is an investment in your future.

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